Swanage Goods Shed

Last updated: 4 January 2007
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Reference Width Length
Measured 2002 32' 4" 113' 6"
Railway Modeller June 1977 R.G.Brasher
North, South, East and West elevations + ground plan
64mm => 32' 227mm => 113'6"
Railway Modeller March 2003
North, South, East and West elevations
64mm => 32' 227mm => 113'6"
Branch Lines of the Southern Railway Vol. 1
South and East Elevations
64.2mm => 32' 3" 225mm => 112' 6"
40' x 1" ground plans 20.35mm =>32'
21.3mm =>33'6"
21.2mm =>33'5"
70.5mm =>111'
72.7mm =>114'6"

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I am experimenting with etching the windows for Swanage Goods Shed in 0.010" nickel silver. The following etch has been the most successful so far. It consists of two laminates soldered together to leave a slot at the top. The slot is two half etch thicknesses, so about 0.010" wide. 0.006" cover glass is cut and slides into the slot. A full etch stop locates the glass and slots either side of it allow the glass to be pushed out using metal shim. The whole assembly is designed to slide into a 0.020" slot in the top of the wall. Two tabs have been included at the top of the window etch to act as a stop at the top of the wall but unfortunately I have etched the fold lines on the wrong side! I will correct that in the next version which will also include holes in the corners of the window etch so that the laminates can be located accurately on top of each other using a piece of nickel silver wire. The picture shows the test etch on the left, a painted window in the middle and an unpainted window on the right. Both windows include glazing. The middle window has a crack across the glazing where I dropped it on to concrete to test its robustness. In normal use it was fine. Care is needed in handling the etches as evidenced by the window bars at top left of the test etch. I think I caught these with the tweezers.

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